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Re: oil pressure light

	I had a similar problem with my 86 Coupe twice (separated by
about 175,000 miles).  Intermittantly (usually when I was out in the
middle of nowhere) oil pressure buzzer would be howling, the dash light
would be on, and the oil pressure gauge would be pegged at full pressure.
 Both times I replaced the oil pressure sender/switch.  It's located on
the right side of the engine (standing in front of car facing passenger
compartment), near the front of teh engine.  It was about $130 from the
dealer and about $90 from the independent garage. Fixed the problem. 
Don't know if its your problem, but I've been told it is common.

Eric Gressler
91 200Q
86 Coupe 

>Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 12:36:08 EDT
>From: DGraber460@aol.com
>Subject: car covers & oil light
> [snip]  
>I have still not remedied the oil light and buzzer problem on my 85 
>CGT above
>2000 rpm. It is very intermittant, and therefore hard to determine if
>corrected. It acted up again several days ago after about one month 
>Any advice would be _greatly_ appreciated.  TIA
>Dennis Graber 
>85 CGT
>91 100
>96 LT4
>Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 11:53:49 -0700
>From: Lisa Schiefer <seast@home.com>
>Subject: Oil light on!!('85 Coupe GT)
>I was driving around yesterday afternoon apartment/ house hunting when 
>my oil
>light came on and buzzed at me for about 3 seconds then went out 
>again. It's
>never come on before so it scared the poop out of me. I was crawling 
>along at
>20 mph at the time staring at some building. I checked the oil level 
>and it
>was low no more than half a quart. I don't think it would be something 
>to pop
>on every 50K miles or so like an OX sensor- especially since my 
>stopped at 132K over a year ago. By the time I remembered to check the 
>pressure gauge, about a minute later, it read 5 bar like normal.
>	So, what could make it come on _and buzz_ under such tame 
>conditions and with
>plenty of oil? I've made the light flash before in a couple 270 degree 
>ramps; but not buzz. Been running errands today with no problems. BTW; 
>Castrol 20-50, last changed 3 months ago, occasionally topped off, but 
>really burn oil. "Swepco 502 oil improver" added at every other oil 
>change to
>quiet lifters: IT WORKS. 
>	Any ideas besides a ghost in the machine? 
>Shane East

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