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Re: CGT Year Changes

ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com (Fluhr) wrote:
> >I saw a CGT behind a locked gate last week in a wrecker service that had
> >gone out of business (no Mike, I am not telling you where). It had the newer
> >lights but none of the aero bumper or side skirts of my 86, and had ugly
> >steel wheels. What year is that? Anyone have the aero kit for a CGT laying
> >around?
> Sounds like an '81-'84, where the owner "upgraded" the headlights and
> put steel wheels (perhaps the winter wheels) on.  If you could tell if
> the rear spoiler was raised off of the trunk like, that would narrow
> down the model year somewhat.

My friend had two '84 CGT's, and he "upgraded" to post-'84 DOT lights
the appearance.  What a waste of money, eh?

That's nothing compared to him swapping the motor from his old one to
new one for like a half a horsepower, because the second one had a
bit old CIS system.

Ah, if he only knew of the list.  He could've been exposed to and had
eurolites and a turbo motor for his troubles and $$.

He had a Zermatt Silver '84, which was replaced with a red (dunno which) 
'84 after he rolled the first one off a hill.  Beautiful color on that