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Re: Clearcoat Scratches

Try a product called Scratch Out - sells for under $3 at Walmart. Absolutely
amazing what it will fill and hide. I leaned across my rear quarter panel
with a large belt buckle on to wash the rear window. Made a very nasty mess
of the paint  - one application of Scratch Out and you could not tell it was
there. I believe it actually fills the clear coat.

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mike miller
91 200q Pearl
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Date: Monday, June 22, 1998 7:03 PM
Subject: re: Clearcoat Scratches

>Your best bet is to take it to a paint shop and have them color sand and
>buff the scratches out.  This will save you the expense of buying several
>bottles of polishing compound.  However if the scratches are not too bad I
>would leave them.  Color sanding  and buffing will reduce the mil thickness
>of the clearcoat and will result in a decreasing the life of your paint.