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Re: check engine light / hall field

At 15:21 22.06.98 -0600, Brooks Ellis wrote:

>>>Why is a hall field sensor neccesary anyhow? To control the ignition
>I suppose, that if the camshaft is 1/2 the spin of the crankshaft, the
>crankshaft would pass a reference point twice per rotation of the camshaft,
>and the cam would be in a different position during each pass.

Yes, you just gave yourself a correct answer.

>Then wouldn't you want the sensor to be on the camshaft instead of the

I believe placing the sensor at the flywheel enables more accurate measurment.

>>the engine is running for telling which cylinder is knocking in case 
>>knocking is detected, though.
>hmm.. What does the computer care which cylinder is knocking? It doesn't
>have the capability to control each cylinder individually, does it? I
>didn't think the 10v had that capability.

Yes, it does. It can retard the ignition for individual cylinders

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