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Re: turbo oil lines & bomb/rack questions


Thanks.  It has been leaking (very slightly spotting, 2-5 drops) for the
past 2 months.

I was told by a not-so-reliable dealer to 'keep and eye on the fluid' and
it 'should be fine' because they've seen 'many 5KTQs leak like this and
never fail.'

I wasn't planning on letting this go, I just had other major expensive
priorities to deal with -- like the throttle sticking wide open (needed a
new throttle body).

If this can't be done without the dealer (for parts) -- then I may as well
have the dealer put them in.  This way, I'll pay a shit--load of money, but
I'll get it backed up with a year warranty for parts and labor.

Any suggestions/comments?

This car is so unbelievable beautiful (115K) -- and it's been taken care of
so well (dealer serviced for 9 years prior to my ownership -- then I
continued the trend).  One begins to think, however, that using the 1000s
of dollars to fix Audis could be put towards a vehicle that will require
nothing but windsheild-washer fluid every now-and-then.

Tell me one thing, after new brakes/rotors, rack & pump, starter,
alternator, battery, exhaust, BOM, hydrolkic brake 'thingy,' new CV joints,
wheel bearings, hubs, strut bearings, tie rods, oil-cooler lines, ETC

Is there much more that can go wrong -- or am I beginning my trek to
200,0000 miles finally?

I spent over 10,000 to redo my 4KSQ entirely -- and it runs like a sport
quattro.  IT's on IT'S way to 200K, but will the 5KCSTQ make it?  Is it
worth it since I spend most of my 24 hours thinking about Quattros --
sometimes even during SEX (joke) -?  I know it's worth it, but man -- it
sure is a financially painful ride!