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Searching the archives

At 08:50 AM 6/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Could you (or anyone else listening) tell me how to 'search' the archives?
>I need to so some 'studying,' but I have no idea how to access the
>Thanks for your help.

What I found was helpful and quicker too, is to go to the archive section
of the list, select the year you want to search and allow it to download to
your browser.  When the download is complete, save the page with a
"File/Save as" sequence.  Then I name the file something like "Qlist
archives 1998.htm".  When you want to search, you log on as normal, but
instead of going to the qlist home page, you open the file you saved and
select the days you want to search.  You can then use the browser's search
function ("<Ctrl> F").  When you're done and are ready to jump to another
day, hit the browser "Back" button and your file will load considerably
faster than re-loading from Dan's server. Saved me quite a bit of time,
especially when I was searching for the details of Igor's rear strut mods
thru out the entire month of June 1997.



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