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RE: 4kq parts and an explination

> At least you don't have a Coupe.  The only smaller trunk is on a
> Corvette...
... don't forget the Fiero!

... I don't know if you meant a Coupe GT or a Quattro Turbo Coupe ... my bet
is that the US version of the latter would take Audi's smallest trunk award

That said, I must say that at least the trunk is proportioned in a way that
allows a lot of stuff to fit in.  I waxed a bit paranoid preparing for AF 97
last year and put all of my tools and a good number of spares, emergency
(read camping :) gear and such.  One of the things that you need to remember
when packing the trunk on a Coupe (which is also somewhat true on the 4kQ)
is that the lid is squared out, meaning that stuff can extend a bit outside
the mouth of the trunk and not cause a problem with closing the lid.  

The reason the trunks are smaller on the 4ks and Coupes is that the fuel
tank is located above the rear wheels ... I'm not familiar with the Jetta,
but I wouldn't be surprised to find that it places the fuel tank where the
rear diff would be ... I'll keep the rear diff, thanks!  I'll also keep that
urq fuel tank, it allow a range easily over 500 miles in freeway driving ...
just long enough to fill up in CA and drive to WA without having to stop in
OR (one of my personal gaols) ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)