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RE: Alternator upgrade on TQC

Found this web page awhile back on upgrading the Bosch Alt.


A problem I had recently is my significant other got stuck in downtown
Denver with my car (5KTQ) when she left the headlights on. Needless to
say she was not happy with the car even though it was her fault.

After jump starting the car it only displayed 12.8 volts on the climate
control display for batt. voltage (with the climate control off). When
the rad. fan would kick in it would go down to 12.5 volts. This was with
a completely dead battery!!!

After recharging the batt. overnight now the climate control display
reads 12.4 volts with engine off and 13.6 after the engine is started.

This indicates to me that maybe these Bosch alts. are "lazy"

Littleton, CO