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Raining: 200TQW pass window stuck down

OK... I'm at work and not having any fun. The front passenger window goes
down only from the pass switch. It doesn't do anything from the drivers side
(up or down). It didn't make any particular noise when failing.

I know I've seen this fix recently and I'm kicking myself for not saving it.
I have repair procedures for the broken regulator cable, but can't find
anything else in the archives.  I'm leaning toward the broken door wires (I
got this scoop from the SJM repair page), but the rubber boots look good and
it's a low-mileage car. I have some tools (and Bentley) with me, but I'd
like to minimize the exploratory surgery in the office parking lot.

Any tips?


Tim King
Seattle, WA
89 200tqw -- 80k miles and one wet sport seat