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Re: question for suspension whizzes

> > offsetting the rear wheels by an extra 3/8" each?  Oh, don't ask why,
> > just tell me if it will screw up the way the car handles....
> Now with a comment like that, you gotta' share!  ;-)

All right, I'm trying toput on the brakes and wheels from an old 5kt and
the rear stubs mount differently, one solution (yeah right) would be to
bolt the 3/8" thick plates from the 5kt onto the unchanged coupe rear
axle.  the 5kt disc hub is the same thickness as the coupe drum
assembly.  therefore this would increase the rear track by 3/4".  There
are other ways to skin this cat, but I wanted to ask how much trouble
doing it this way would cause...

Huw Powell