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RE: Abt Stage 1 for A4 1.8Tq

Welcome aboard Andrew!

I doubt that you'd go wrong with the Abt chip ... Abt has been around Audis
longer then Wetterauer (sp?) AFAIK.  I've got a coworker that decided to go
with the TAP mod based on the European Car article ... he is very happy with
it.  Good luck and have fun!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> I'm gonna get a A4 1.8T, and I want to get the hp to about 200. The Abt
> Stage
> 1 kit looks extremely attractive. Its cheap, and it's from a proven
> company. I
> want the Wett chip, but well, money's a little tight for a 17 year old,
> and
> $795 or $695 is quite a chunk of change (at least to me) compared to $570
> for
> the Abt. Sure, its prob. a little slower, but whats a couple ticks of the
> clock anyway?
> So, does anyone have this particular setup, or have any experiance with
> Abt?
> Good? Bad? Any input would be appreciated. Also, if u have a reason for me
> to buy the Abt, by all means, tell me!