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DC Quattro Stuff

Heishman's has a nice Audi BMW dealership on Route 1 just south of Crystal
City VA. While nice it is not a must see.

VW Sport is in Alexandria VA and near the Van Dorn Metro (about 3/4 mile)
but tell them you are coming and they may pick you up at the metro. Email
them at vwsport@cais.net
    They have mostly VW stuff (Golf A4 imported from Germany and Beetles)
but do have Audi project cars on occasion. They also have a HUGE library of
VW Magazines from around the world and literature from europe including an
S4 set that they picked up at Frankfurt. Check out their picture albums,
particularly of the Frankfurt Trip. They are the east coast distributors for
Abt and Projectzwo so they stock stuff for Audis from these lines. That's
about all. Tell Brad and Adrian (owners) I say Hi.
    George Achorn
    VW Vortex