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Futher info re the 200 TQ partout

Well, my son, who also saw the car,  just told me that there are
probably some more items that are available  - that I'm being too
pessimistic- 2 rear and 1 left front brake calipers and rotors, rear
differential, rear suspension pieces, 5 speed manual transmission,
manifolds, SS exhaust system, parts of the driver's side A arm, possible
air bag assembly (it didn't deploy, by the way) maybe some of the
internal circuitry, rear tail lights, carpeting for inside trunk, trunk
rubber, spare tire, driver's  front door, power window motors, seat
frames, fuel cell, filler door, turbo (maybe) block (maybe) rear window
chrome and rubber. I'm going to have to get the car back home and start
digging around to know for sure. Please email me with any requests and
I'll make a point to look for it.