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Pre-Engagement Sale...Parts Cheap!

Hello fellow list members!...Due to the possibility of getting engaged 
soon, I need some pocket money to support the gem(unfortunately not an 
A4-this is a ring I'm talking about) I will be buying..I have alot of 
parts mostly from my 87.5 2.3L coupe GT...Here they are:

1)full trunk(great shape-lights perfect-black in color)=100.00
2)Passenger side OEM Audi Glass=45.00
3)Power Steering Pump=75.00
4)master Cylinder=50.00
5)Stock 86 4000quattro springs(all 4)-You cannot get these aftermarket 
except for the dealer at 165.00/each..i tried!..all 4=100.00
6)87.5 CGT window regulator, track and all parts for passenger 
7) CGT Digital Dash(black)=75.00
8)4000q oem audi radio=40.00
9)1990 80/90 Quattro radio/cass=75.00
10)Intake manifold for 87.5 CGT(the 2 piece for the 2.3L-only have the 
top intake manifold that says "audi" on it=70.00
11)CGT Rear Bumper Cover 30.00+shipping
12)87.5 CGT Armrests(Black in Color)=40.00 for the pair
13)CGT Wiper motor for front assembly=40.00
14)87.5 CGT Fuel Distributor-I believe diff fuel setting(an upgrade from 
the 2.2 fuel dist.)-2.3L=65.00

Please email me directly-first come first serve, thanx!
I may have some more parts lying around so ask if you dont see..

Special thanks to all the list members that make the quattro list what 
it is- a great place...

nick meyers

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