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RE: door handles, ashtrays, and window switches

OK.  Here's a possibility for the 5k's.  Unscrew the inner door
handle 'bucket.'  Note the spring arrangement on the door handle
and where the spring seat is.  Drill a 3/16in hole in the
'bucket' on the bottom half where the handle comes through.  Push
your trusty ol' RS led 276-209 through the hole.  Hook up the
wires to one of the window switches.  One added benefit,  as long
as you don't open the door after ignition is off, just pushing
one of the window  switches will light them all up, and allow you
to crawl out the window if need be.

These LED's have a viewing angle of 36 degrees, it would be
sitting right behind the chrome handle facing forward.

Just a thought.  I just might go for it anyway, time permitting.