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Re: Audi V8s: 1990/1991

1)  Have the timeing belts been changed?
2)  Does the rear main leak?
3)  Ring front disks?  Don't get the ones that look like bowls.
4)  Check the exhaust system.  The wear out quickly and are expensive to go

I am not sure of many inprovements except of the bigger motor in the later
year.  However, You can put out the same power on the smaller motor with a
chip.  Hemmings has one for sale in the June Issue (a 5 speed).


>Recntly, I have been thinking about buying an Audi V8, 1990/1991
>vintage. I have the following questions, and would appreciate
>any information on the following:
>1. Is there a FAQ for these cars?
>2. I know about the "ring" front discs, and would
>be looking for a car that doesn't have them. Are
>there any other problem areas specific to the V8?
>3. The reason I would like a 1990/1991 is because of
>the availability of the 5 speed. Is there a substantial
>improvement in the 1993s vs. the 1990/1991?
>Thanks in advance for any information.
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