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Re: Audi V8s: 1990/1991

In a message dated 6/23/98 7:52:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
kkritsilas@broadbandnetworks.com writes:

<< I have the following questions, and would appreciate
 any information on the following:
 1. Is there a FAQ for these cars? 

Not that I'm aware of.

 2. I know about the "ring" front discs, and would
 be looking for a car that doesn't have them. Are
 there any other problem areas specific to the V8?

Really just the Tranny (more in reference to the automatic-check
shifting/fluid), timing belt/access belt should be replaced every 60k(miles,
that is), proper maintenance schedule.  Plus check the usual (i.e. steering
rack, any fluid leaks (espec. rear main seal, exhaust condition- last forever
unless damaged-- good grade of stainless steel throughout))
3. The reason I would like a 1990/1991 is because of
 the availability of the 5 speed. Is there a substantial
 improvement in the 1993s vs. the 1990/1991?

Climate control head is no longer GM Delco unit -Good!  Motor is 4.2 ltr
(rated at 270 hp) vs. 3.6 at 240 hp, but 92/93 were unavailable with 5-speed.
As a matter of fact, the only european manual shift currently available A8 is
the S8, which is avail. with either the tiptronic or 6-speed and puts out 340
 Thanks in advance  >>


-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 v8q 196,500 miles awaiting new ac condensor and upper rear tie rods...