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Re: Speedvision

Dan Simoes wrote:

> Yes, and did you see the new A4 commercial that mentions Audis racing
> and quattro being banned?  I almost fell over in shock.

Yeah, me too. Looks like Audi has finally pulled its head out
from its rear and changed the tune of commercials. With all this
glorious past and present they didn't even dare to whisper about
the quattro marvel or the 5v technology or the virtual steering
axis or fully galvanised body or ... I can go on and on for
Remember their old commercial with a young half-wit: "It's got
the comfy seats too" or the totally meaningless surfboard
commercial or the goofy outlaw-biker commercial. Either I am
totally dumb or Audi is failing to convey a message. Coz I have
no clue as to what the hell are they trying to achieve with the
such teeth-less commercials. Sometimes it felt like all Audi
commercial of the past have been paid for by BMW. Especially on
the contrast with the brilliant black-and-white BMW commercials
(I don't like the brand but can't help but watch their
commercials over and over again). Or the Saab commercials for
that matter.

It was especially frustrating to see how Volvo (my second
favourite brand BTW) was cashing in on their quasi-AWD, being a
totally new player in this technology.
Every one knows Subaru=AWD=Safety. No one knows about quattro.
Methinks one has to be a real marketing genius to hide the
Quattro so well that an average Joe Six-Pack has no clue what it
is. I only hope that Audi has finally fired that genius, judging
by this last commercial. 
Keeping my fingers crossed...
Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ -- nothing to declare
Philadelphia, PA