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865KCSTQ: Headliner Help

My headliner has been progressively giving way.  I have tried the 3M
product to no avail.
I now need to replace the entire headliner and am looking for some advice. 
According to the Bentley, the headliner is glued to the roof (with the
material glued to the headliner).  Has anyone sucessfully removed the
headliner backer from the car and if so, how.
I have found a place that says they can remove the headliner, recover and
replace for $200-$250 which seems reasonable.  My only concern is that they
have never done an Audi before.
How does the headliner separate from around the sunroof?   Do you just pry
up the metal tabs?  Also, according to the Bentley you need a special tool
to remove the covers of the rear sides (the part by the rear window going
from the speaker deck up to the roof), is this true, how about a work
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.