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Re: 1994 Audi 4DR CS Sedan

Elliott Potter wrote:
> Sam Moses wrote:

> > It seems there may be some
> > power steering issues I need to look for as well as some steering wheel
> > noise problems caused by the air bag?
> 'Power steering issues' sounds frightening--what issues exactly?  Some
> of the earlier 90's had a leaky PS hose but that's a cheap and easy fix

These cars do not suffer from the maladies which affect ealier
Audis, such as leaky racks, hydraulic pumps, bombs, etc. They have
"conventional" vacuum assisted brakes and power steering systems.
Aside from the leaky hose (which I think was really pre-1994 cars)
it shouldn't be any worse than any other car.

> I've got a '93 90CS and am pretty pleased with it.  When the car was new
> it had a lot of small things wrong with it but they were all fixed under
> warranty and I haven't had any major problems to speak of (except for my

My own experience has been similar. Many little problems in the
first 25k miles or so. But since then, aside from normal wear items,
the car has been very good.

Some of the scarier problems affected only pre-1994 cars: bad oil
pumps, blown catalytic convertors, oil leaks. I really haven't
heard of anyone with a 1994-on car with more than minor niggles.

1993 90CS 66k mi