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Re: In Capriciation (was: 4kq parts and an explination)

>In a message dated 6/24/98 1:13:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time, ti@amb.org
>> Phil Rose writes:
>>  > >_Road & Track_ once said the Mercury Capri was a good car for a person
>> who
>>  > >thinks an extra shirt is a month's luggage!
>>  >
>>  > Phooey on R&T. How about 6 weeks in a Capri with a family of four?
>>  You are talking about totally different kinds of Capris here...
>>  -Ti
>Actually three /or is that four different ones:
>Isle of Capri (Not)
>Ford Capri from the 70's (imported from Deutschland and still seen on the
>autocross circuit)
>Mercury Capri from the 80's (Rebadged Mustang-good for straight line, but
>whatch out for bumps in turns--nice ditch here)
>90's model - cutesy gutless open top driver resembling none of the above
>(shirt-luggage reference)

Sorry, I guess I was tilting at windmills there. However, the original '70s
Capri was in fact generally regarded as having a very trivial trunk space.
Anyway, it had the smallest trunk of any car _I've_ ever owned.

The 70s Capri was sold in the USA as _Mercury_ Capri, although made by Ford
in Germany.


Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
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