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diffs in race A4 quattros (no opinions)

The following has nothing to do with the dreaded t-thread, but is a general
interest issue to those of us intrigued with factory prepared race Audis.

When I was at Lehtonen Motorsport, I was flipping through the thousand-odd
pages of blow-ups, specs, part numbers, assembly instructions etc. of the
factory Audi A4 quattro race car I forgot the t**sen issue altogether.  The
book will have detailed specs and blow-up diagrams of all mechanical parts
of said car.  I will look when I go back in a couple weeks as long as said
car/books are present.

FWIW, this particular car was in the German series in 1995, Italy 1996,
Australia 1997, and now here, outlawed from STW, in 1998.  Maybe I'll shoot
some pics if the opportunity arises.  Yes there is a carbon fibre
driveshaft, and according to the tech working on the car, there are a
number of different configurations available for front-rear split...

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland