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Re: mobil 1 in bulk

I buy Mobil 1 in 20 litre drums.. 
Wich gets me app 20% discount over 4litre jugs.
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From: David Kavanagh staff <kavanagh@kodak.com>
To: smullen@philly.infi.net <smullen@philly.infi.net>
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Date: 23. juni 1998 20:08
Subject: Re: mobil 1 in bulk

>My experience in getting Mobil 1 in bulk added up to either
>buy cases taking advantage of rebates, etc., or buy the 55 gallon drum!
>I heard rumors of 5 liter jugs, 15 liter jugs, but Mobil and the
>distributors I called said it wasn't available in anything but the quart
>containers or 55 gallon drums. Bummer....
> David
>BTW, there is a 3 dollar rebate running now, got the forms at KMart.