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how much $ to fix these problems-92 100CSQ

Hey folks,

I was looking at a nice 92 100CSQ sedan with 75k miles at an independent
dealer who turns cars over quickly either through retailing or
wholesaling.  So I got the line, "we are taking it to the auction this
week" so it may not be here when you come back! Yeh, anyway, it was in
good visual condition, engine bay real clean, interior condition very
good, had airbag recall notice with previous customers address (it was
listed as a business, not individual) and the maintance schedule only
had one stamp, at 56k miles.  So, I am a little cautious.  The "only"
problems I found troubled me a bit since they are all electrical.
Anybody have experience with the costs associated with the following

1. Both rear view mirrors didn't work.
2. Lights on sunvisor/vanity mirrors not working.
3. Memory seat buttons didn't work-none of the 4 buttons, tried the
on/off switch on the memory seat controls and it didn't make a
4. Trip computer and auto check display both blank. The autocheck
display didn't even come on when the radio was on.  Those two items are
$$ if I remember correctly.

Appreciate any feedback on your experience.  If I were to pursue this,
would most decent extended warranty company's cover these?