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Re: A/C Compressor Troubleshooting on an '88 5KSQ

> From: Christopher J. Ritchie <cjr1@gte.net>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Date: Wednesday, June 24, 1998 2:34 AM
> Subject: A/C Compressor Troubleshooting on an '88 5KSQ
> >Trying to determine the status of the air conditioning compressor on my
> >1988 5000S Quattro before I waste the $$ to recharge with R12 or convert to
> >134a.  I have the Bentley and am going through the troubleshooting
> >procedure.  Does not blow cold air when A/C switched on.  Clutch does not
> >seem to "click" (and compressor does not seem to engage) when A/C turned
> >on.  I understand that this condition is caused by either low or no
> >refrigerant charge, or a bad clutch or compressor.  Isn't there a way to
> >momentarily bridge some contacts or jumper current to the clutch in order
> >to determine whether the clutch is any good?  I cannot find anything in the
> >Bentley on this.  TIA for all suggestions.

I just did this yesterday on my '89 100Q which is the same car.

Look at diag channel 17, and see what it says for "why" the compressor
is off. There are several lights: low pressure, high pressure, low
temperature, low voltage, etc.

I got a low pressure, jumpered the sensor like Bentley said, A/C
kicked on. I guess I busted a hose and lost my freon.

BTW, DO NOT!!! convert to R134a. Just refill with R12 like you're
supposed to and it will last the next 10 years.


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