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found in parts yard . . . more! Part 2.

Found in parts yard(s) in Daytona Beach:

86 4000 coupe, 2wd, 5 speed, not turbo, hit right door & rear fender, 85%
still there, front seats gone, new radiator, lights and grille OK, this is
a grey market car (vin has ZZZ in it)

(Went back today to check if these were Eurolights - they are NOT - DOT
alignment bumps on them. Car is a coupe GT and does have the digital dash .
. .)


Second parts yard: 84 5000 automatic (yawn), 86 5000 automatic station
wagon, 84 or 85 5000 automatic turbodiesel - turbo is gone, FI stuff (left
rear of engine) is there - not as cheap as the first place either.

e-mail direct if you need their number, address, etc.

Still need wiring diagrams for power seats for 86/87 5000!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman