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Re: Futher info re the 200 TQ partout

>air bag assembly (it didn't deploy, by the way) maybe some of the
NO, NO, NO and NO!!!

A message to the list: DO NOT take this airbag.  It should be
removed+destroyed.  Airbags can NOT handle high temperatures well, and must
be specially handled.  I would say that if the steering wheel has melted
away, the airbag is toast(and I'm kind of amazed it didn't explode.)  The
plastic bag has probably melted inside, and if it ever went off(installed
in another car), someone just might get a solid plastic brick in the face
at 200mph instead of a bag...

I would NEVER recommend salvaging an airbag from a wreck.  It could be a
number of things, including a defective unit that was _supposed_ to go off
but didn't.

About the car...it looks like the reason the car burst into flames was
because the CIS fuel distributor was right where the car got nailed big
time; fuel probably went everywhere, including that nice+toasty
turbo+exhaust manifold...Audi is one of those manufacturers that doesn't
mind putting fuel lines and exhaust systems right next to each other...

What was the collision with?  That's a fair-sized dent.


Brett Dikeman
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