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RE: oil additives

> One should think about this for a minute. Ford, GM, Chrysler,Toyota,
> Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, etc., are very capable and knowledgeable companies.
> If some simple additive could miraculously increase a car's
> mileage,horsepower and performance, one of these companies would have
> purchased it in a heartbeat. After all, their checkbook is so big that it
> wouldn't be a big purchase for them.
... not sure I agree with you there.  It was true years ago that at least
some of the auto manufacturers you list above practiced "planned
obsolescence" ... if a manufacturer built a car that lasted forever then it
wouldn't take too long to saturate the marketplace ...

I believe that the reason such additives are not espoused by the
manufacturers is that there is no demand for them ... even if they did work
they don't haelp sell more cars do they?  Who's going to pay $$$ more for a
car when the customer knows that for $20 they can go down to the corner
grocery store and buy a bottle of the stuff for themselves ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)