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Re: audi produces an fia gt car; other news

In a message dated 6/25/98 Eaton Dave <dave.eaton@minedu.govt.nz> writes:

<< confirmation from audi that they are entering a "sports car" into next
year's fia championship.

what the press release does *not* state is whether the car is a gt1 or a
open top.  the machine will begin testing within the next 2 months.. >>

Exciting news Dave. Please keep passing along what you hear. I would imagine
the car would be GT1 since as far as I know there is not an "open top"
division in the FIA GT Championship. 

"Open Top" cars: Le Mans, yes. SCCA "Can-Am", yes (yeah right...I don't think
so thanks...said the race fan who was introduced to the sport back when the
one and only real "Can-Am" series ran). SportsCar WSC class, yes. New US "Le
Mans class", yes. (Or whatever Don Panoz's new series is called--please can't
there be some unification in sports car racing!!!!????)

What other "Open Top" series' are there and why would Audi opt to go that way
rather than duke it out with MBZ, Porsche, etc. in the FIA GT1 catagory? (And
why did Williams/BMW go open top???) In any rate...here's to hoping they do a
"shake down" race at the last races of this season (one of which is about 40
miles away from me ;-)...).

Great news Dave!

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq