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Misc. urq/5ktq/coupe parts 4-sale

Huge sale!  Details below.

1987 944 turbo rear calipers, 4 piston Brembo; these are identical to the
fronts for the same car, except the pistons are smaller.  Came off a 944T
with 90k miles.  Ironically, these are more $ than the fronts if you had to
buy them new.

Set of 4 Ronal R-8, 15x8, 24mm offset, 5x112mm wheels; the sought after
ones which came stock on the 1985 urq.  These are in good to better
condition.  One wheel straightened this year.  Currently has a set of
mismatched Yoko/no-name 205/50/15 tires (included for free).  The Yokohamas
are chunked from track use; the others have more than 50% life left on
them.  $850/offer.

Complete brown leather interior from a ‘82 Audi coupe.  The front seats
have the best bolster configuration Audi has offered (okay not compared to
the sport or any of their race cars, jeez).  Good condition with no tears
but the typical “lightening” of the brown color in a few spots.  No dash.
Don’t want to piece it out because it still could be used to transform my
1970’s style zebra stripped urq interior if whole.  I do want it to “go
away” in it’s entirety, so make me a reasonable offer.

Complete gray leather interior from an ‘87 5ktq wagon.  NO sport seats, but
everything else is there -- and then some as I also have the front and rear
seats from a sedan in the same leather.  The rear butt heat works; the
front doesn’t.  Like the brown leather stuff, I want this all to “go away.”
 Unlike the coupe interior, I will gladly piece it out, so make me a
reasonable offer.

Everything from the windshield rearward from a ‘87 5ktq wagon except
anything that could be used for a turbo conversion (wiring harness, ECU,
instrument cluster, trip computer etc.).  e-mail me with your needs.

‘87 5ktq wagon headlights.  The sucky, I mean stock, yeah stock, US ones.

‘87 5ktq wagon grill.  Good condition.  Offer?

‘82-’84 urq 4 lamp headlights.  2 sets: the euro ones and the stock US
ones.  Both sets ready to bolt on and go.  The euro set is in great
condition.  I was saving these in case our urq was to be a collectible and
restored.  Yeah, right.  Offer?

Momo Anatomico (sp?) shift knob.  Offer?

Pioneer high power AM/FM/cassette removable face deck.  Brand new in box;
never used.  No CD changer controls or I’d have used it.  Was $200 new 2
years ago.  Offer?

E-mail me with your needs; I have a ton of other 5ktq/urq/coupe stuff
laying around and I am in the mood to clean house!