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Re: Subject: Keeping low-beams on with the highs

   Rob asked:
   How can I wire my lights so that the low-beams stay on with the high-beams
   (like during that split second when you switch between them). I'm talking in
   a single bulb (9004 or 9007) setup.
   1) Install a relay harness like Igor Kessel devised (see the pic and
   description on my page, repair link then body link)
   2)  Install a SPDT relay on the high beam line.  Use the switch to activate
   the relay, and get power from the jump start post.  Probably best to use
   separate relays for each side.  Single Pole Double Throw; that way, one pole
   activates highs, the other activates lows, both come on together.
   HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
   '91 200q

Why would you want to do this? . . . given Audis' penchanct for melting
electrical connections (esp headlamp connectors) . . . just curious . . .