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Re: Fwd: More 5000S Problems

Sandy Duffy wrote:
> You wrote:
> >               Here's are the problems.  When turning; on ramp/off ramp
> >gradual curves etc,  I feel that I'm about to lose control of my car.
> >It's very brief.  Lasts less than a second.  It feels like my momentum
> >will carry me outside of the curve.  And at times it feels like the car
> >wants to fishtail.  Decreasing speed seems to help but I don't drive
> >over the recommended limit on curves.  Could this be caused by the rack?
> >Also when on semi bumpy roads I feel that I'm driving down a set of
> >stairs.  Shocks/struts seem to be OK.  Could it be the springs?
> Dave:
> I'm about 80% sure its the shocks BTDT on a 1984 5K.  Shocks seemed fine
> doing the jump-on-it-and-see-how-much-it-does-or-doesn't-bounce test.
> Tried everything replaced most of the front end of the car in the process.
> No Luck!  Finally pulled a shock to investigate...Lo and behold...the
> collar at the top of the shock was so loose it had about an inch of play!
> Put new shock cartridges in (about a 15 minute per side operation IF you've
> got the tool...I do...I bought it for this job $89.00.  You don't even have
> to remove a wheel.) Problem gone :>)
> Sandy
How do you change the struts without removing the wheels?