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Re: WTB -- Speedline Rims


I wanted some cheap, used cool-looking rims for winter because there aren't
too many good-looking alloys out there that will fit the car correctly.

I love my Fuchs -- and I want to keep them in good shape because they look
unbelievable on that car -- especially with the pearl white paint.

Plus, I new they'd fit my 4KQ and I think they'd look awesome -- especially
with the red color of the car.

This way, ill have cool rims on both!  SLs on the 4 and Fuchs on the 5 in
summer -- and I can change 'em up in winter.

I've only seen one other set of Fuchs on the 5TQ -- and that was 2 years
ago.  Since the probability of me getting another set is 0 -- I figured I
might try to 'baby' them a bit.