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RE: CGT exhaust group purchase

OK, sorry for the delayed response to any emails I may have gotten 
regarding this.  I've been mucho busy.

I was quoted $285 for the center section and $275 for the rear by Stebro.  
This is their regular 2.25" diameter exhaust system in stainless steel.

I inquired about larger pipes, and they said they could acommodate it for 
only a small increase in price.

I got a response regarding the discount from a group purchase, and the 
response I got was:

10 systems = 10% discount
20 systems = 20% discount

So, $275+285=$560*0.9=$504

It was a bit of a relief to me that they couldn't make my custom order due 
to a lack of orders for CGT exhausts.  This gives me more time to save up 
the dough.

But then this lady at work is selling this huge Craftsman rollaway tool 
box with ball bearing drawers for $600, so I have a new thing to be 
tempted by.  This thing is big.  Wide.

Anyway, that's the story.  I'm not optimistic that we can scrounge up 10 
CGT owners willing to dump that much money into their cars like me.  I'm 
willing to give it a shot tho'.



Michael Hogan wrote:
> I'm interested.  How much will they cost?  Cost will
> be the determining factor, with stebro competing against
> a locally installed 2.5" mandrel bend steel exhaust.
> Michael Hogan
> 87.5 CGT
> >I have an email out with Stebro asking if we could get 
> >a discount if a bunch of us ordered exhaust systems for 
> >our Coupe GT's.  They will make them in whatever diameter 
> >you need, so if anyone has any moderately modified motors, 
> >you don't have to be stuck with their regular 2.25" system.
> >
> >Their systems are stainless steel, and examples can be 
> >seen at:  http://infoweb.magi.com/~andypet/qtct.htm