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Re: Brake Fluid Smell

In a message dated 6/26/98 1:49:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com writes:

> Anybody got an answer to my problem?  The car still smells like brake
>  fluid.  There is none on the ground, and the reservoir seems full.
>  Please help.


Any way some got into the car (i.e. on the carpet?  Just follow you're nose.  

It's also possible that one of your brake lines has a crack in it (most likely
a rubber hose).  If you jack up each wheel, you can check--it might only leak
when going over bumps, where the hose is allowed to straighten out-  Had this
problem in my car a few months ago.  Solved it with SS lines.


-Ingo Rautenberg
1990 V8q 196,750 miles (new a/c condensor going in this weekend)