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Re: Group Euro light purchase(type 44 turbo style)

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> I have 8 individuals(including myself) who have already expressed an
> interest in a group purchase of Euro lights for 5k Turbos/200's.  The 8
> people are all 200q 20v owners, so I figured if this many 200 20v owners
> were interested, I'd open it up to the entire qlist.
>   If there is a benefit(ie greater discount) for purchasing other Euro
> light "models", I'll post back about that.  Please do not email me right
> now unless you are interested in the 5kT/200 style of lights, and are
> serious about it.
> As far as I know, the purchase would be for a set, minus bulbs and harness.
> If you have info about a commercial harness, please email me and include
> pricing info, phone # of vendor, and a quick description of the setup.
> I have a call into Metrix(with Phillpe via voicemail) and I will soon know
> the details.  Someone also mentioned they had a relative/friend in Europe
> that might be able to get an even better price.  The interesting twist is
> that Metrix just merged with The Parts Warehouse(a US company!) so getting
> the lights may be a little easier.
> The people who I know are interested are:
>  Ed Kellock <EKELLOCK@ECS-INC.com>
> pjrose@servtech.com (Phil & Judy Rose)
> Greg Johnson <gregsj@iea.com>
> Scott Philiben <scottp@preciseflight.com>
>  Alan Breitman <abreitman@allaire.com>
> "Oscar Murphy" <rmurphy@batnet.com>
> "Phil Ackley" <packley@iname.com>
> (myself)
> If you do not see your name here, I did not get an email from you.
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> Brett Dikeman
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I am interested. 1987 5000CSQT