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Spax suspension stuff


Going through some old digests, I remember seeing a post about Spax
suspensions, and any impressions thereof. Well, when my wife bought her '86
5ktqw, it had a full-on spax suspension installed on it. It lowered the car
a good inch and a half, and it did indeed look pretty good that way. When
we took over ownership, the front shocks were pretty much shot, and within
a month or two, they were gone completely. We went through the notebook of
receipts from the previous owner but found no mention of the spax stuff, so
exactly how old it was I don't know. We decided to pull the spax stuff off
and replace it with stock springs/struts etc. When I took the spax stuff
apart, it looked very new: stickers were still on, not much dirt, etc.
While the car looked good lowered, it does seem to handle better at the
stock ride height, but that may come from the front shocks being so bad. By
the way, all four shocks were "adjustable" with a tool (allen
wrench/screwdriver for front/rear), but the rears didn't seem to change at

This wraps up my experience with Spax stuff. Again, the total age of the
components is unknown, but it looked pretty recent.

For Sale: Complete set of Spax lowering springs, came off '86 5ktqw. Purple
color, part # available. Lowers car around 1.5 inches. Reasonable offer +

'86 5000CD tqw (at stock height to carry dogs and assorted dog stuff, thank
kent, wa