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RE: ... car ads ...

>Is anyone else utterly annoyed by the "childproofing your garage" ads that
>ovloV is cramming on the airwaves?  I'm getting to the point that I can't
>stand Donald Sutherland's voice!  I've never been so annoyed by ovloV ads

Ditto ... he's doing voice-overs for a local HMO and their ads are everywhere.

>The other characteristic about a car ad is I really like the music
>that adnoH puts on their ads ... they always seems to catch my attention.
>The usual sequence is that I look up, realize that it is an ad for adnoH
>then go back to what I was doing.

Agreed ... love the Nissan ad with Peggy Lee doing "Fever," too.  Had to dig
out the LP and give it a listen after all these years.  (No, I'm not THAT
old but I do/did collect records for many, many years.)

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