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Re: 5kcstq clutch, master or slave dead

The shop found the problem: broken clutch pedal, as Mike Veglia guessed.
Linda at Carlsen did me a huge favor by looking up all the shops that
claimed to have one in stock, and I finally found one in Oregon (I'm in
Tennessee right now) that did, so it should arrive tomorrow morning. I
also went ahead and ordered the MC, SC, and hose from Linda, to take care
of it for once and for all. Her prices were actually better than
Blau's--not as good as The Parts Connection, but they have to get your
order really early for next-day delivery.

This local shop should get it done tomorrow (maybe I'll have them skip the
slave if they don't have time) and I should depart Nashville on Sunday as
originally scheduled. Thanks for everyone's help!

By the way, I at least knew it wasn't the pressure plate, since I sat in
Albuquerque for several days getting the clutch replaced. Sorry I didn't
include that in my last post. The old clutch, incidentally, was quite worn
out anyway, though it was the failing throw-out bearing and, most
immediately, a seized pilot bearing that locked it up. I should've kept
the steel tob sleeve, which was all chewed up and had sheared from its
flange (maybe by the mechanic?). It was a mess.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 141k

On Fri, 26 Jun 1998, Sandy Duffy wrote:

> You wrote
> >Update: I went to see the car. The clutch pedal feels like it's connected
> >only to a spring, pushing it either to the floor or all the way up, i.e.
> >you start to pull the pedal up from the floor and then you pass a stable
> >point and then it springs the rest of the way up. It doesn't appear to
> >have lost any brake fluid. The clutch does not disengage. Does that help?
> >
> >- Wallace
> >
> Wallace:
> I hope my BTDT didn't happen to you but I'll tell you the story.  The PO of
> my 87 5KTQ put a "bargain" clutch pressure plate and throw out in it when
> the clutch needed replacing at 60K miles.  I was going down the road about
> 40,000 miles later and declutched.  BANG and the pedal went right to the
> floor and after that felt just like you are describing your pedal.  Turns
> out that the pressure plate had packed it in and had sprung all of the
> springs in it.  About $500.00 later I drove out of Claire Audi with a new
> clutch installed.  Hope this is not the case for you. 
> Sandy
> PS:  We replaced the master cylinder before we discovered the real problem.
>  Oh well, the old one had started to leak a little anyway.