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Re: More 5000S Problems

I'll add one to Pablo's excellent list as sources for David Golda's

1.- tires, thread, inflation.
2.- Tie rod ends (both), rack ends nuts/bolts
3.- Hydraulic fluid (pentosin) levels, hydraulic pump belt.
3a.-(very probable)Upper strut mounting plates, nuts, shock lock nut
(threaded cap !!!)
4.- Control arm bushings, bolt, nut.
5.- if Quattro Rear trapezoidal arm bushings (trailing arm bushings if
non quattro), bolts, nuts (fish tailing)
6.- if Quattro Rear tie rods (control link)
7.- Front wheel drive shaft retaining nuts
8.- Anti-roll bar clamp bushings and bolts including ends into control

and from me
9. Improperly adjusted steering rack. There's a smal bolt/screw with a
lock nut (found just where the steering column enters the rack) that
adjusts the amount of "freeplay" you'll have in the steering.

I had a similar sympton and thought it was excessive play in my tie rod
ends. however, it turned out to be a simple adjustment. Steering is now
rock solid. Can't remember, but I think the adjustment was essentially
to gradually tighten it unitl steering starts to feel "stiff" and
doesn't return to center. Then loosen slowly until steering is returning
to center - without play. Anyone with better/more accurate info?

Good luck  /// P-O Selander