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Re: Rear suspension on 89 200T

I just wanted to thank everybody who replied and gave such great advice.
The help was greatly appreciated and saved my behind.

Just as FYI, I ended up taking the rear struts to a parts and machining
shop in my area, and they rebuilt both for little money.  They used an
impact wrench on them and had them done in no time at all.

Again, thanks for all the help,


On Wed, 24 Jun 1998, Rahul Singh wrote:

> I hope someone on the list can help me out.  I have just removed the rear
> strut from my 89 200T.  And I have the strut assembly sitting on my
> living room floor mocking me. The problem is that I can't remove the
> top nut that holds the old cartridge in the strut spring.  When I try to
> loosen the nut the entire shaft of the cartridge moves.  Looking at the
> Bently manuals, it says that I need to use some special tool.  I would
> like to try to avoid having by that tool since I am thinking it will be
> expensive and a pain to get.  So any help or suggestions would greatly be
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance, 
> Rahul