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Dealer Horror Story

1.  Decide what you want to get from dealer.  Cancel sale or get them to do
what they said they would do.  Are you sure you want to do any business
with these people?  I would cancel the sale; get my old car back; tell all
my friends about my bad experience; and, never go in there again.  You
should now realize what their warranty is worth.  What happens if you have
serious problems with the car in the next 1000 miles?

2.  Check Minnesota laws.  In Massachusetts, the buyer can cancel the sale
of a car (cah) and get his money back if the car cannot pass state
inspection.  There are details and time limits with this.  

3.  Check Minnesota laws.  In Massachusetts, a buyer can sue for treble
damages, court costs, and attorney fees if he were hurt by an "unfair and
deceptive trade practice" of a retailer.  Their conduct clearly qualifies. 
You must send them a demand letter in certain form 30 days before you file
suit.  Sending the letter almost always resolves disputes in your favor
since the dealer is now at risk for 3 times damages.  Safer to pay 1 times
damages to make you go away.