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Here is the situation:
I am driving down the highway... engine cuts out. I let off the gas and
press it, power is back. 10 seconds later, power cuts out again. I grind
to a halt. Car will not rev over 1700 rpm. I drive off the highway under
idle speed in fifth gear (~24mph) The engine cuts out at _any and all_
attempts to rev over 1700rpm. I decide to turn around and limp home, 25
minutes (normal driving time) away. half an hour later, about 5 miles
from home, I decide to make a phone call to an Audi friend nearby, He is
not home. I hop back in the car, and floor the gas to see if any revs
will build, and viola!! she revs! I then begin driving, but the motor
still intermittently cuts out at various rpms. This could be countered
be letting off the gas and getting back on... revs will build all the
way to redline, but the car still cuts out randomly.

What the f*ck is going on?!?!?

When the car initially cut out and would not rev past 1600 rpm, I
thought it was a vacuum leak, but I found no evidence. Now that it revs
up, I have not a clue whatsoever!!!

one note: I did clean and reoil my K&N cone filter yesterday and parked
the car for the night. This morning, I noticed some excess oil from the
K&N dripped out... is it possible that some of the K&N oil got sucked
into the motor and played havoc with the sensors? Did the motor start
running better because motor "cleaned" itself out?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
* Ramana Lagemann							
* Cohasset, MA												     
* 1990 CoupeQ20V                  
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* mailto:elmool@20v.net