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RE: New 5kcstq owner

It could be your injector cooling fan sensor, does it have only one wire?
does the injector cooling fan come on when you ground the wire? if yes it is
important to have this set up working it cools off your injectors after a
hot run, on a hot day you might not be able to start to excessive heat

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> Sent: Friday, June 26, 1998 8:38 AM
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> Subject: New 5kcstq owner
> After eight months of lurking on the list and searching for the perfect
> Quattro to replace my 86 5ks (six years together), I finally found a low
> mileage (145k) beauty about 30 minutes away.  It's a 1987 model, and
> seems to have been well maintained at a dealer because everything down
> to the air filter is OEM.  Everything works, even the air conditioning,
> and the interior is in excellent condition.  The silver exterior shows
> that it was not garage kept, but when buying this car, paint was the
> least of my concerns.
> 	It doesn't seem to be much more lively than the auto tranny 5ks.  It
> gets 1.3 bar pretty readily, but even under boost, it seems unwilling to
> go.  At high engine speeds, it is even more uninspiring, and I've never
> taken it to the redline because it doesn't want to go.  Sometimes it
> seems to surge, like the timing is being retarded, but it might just be
> the A/C coming in and out.  I have 93 octane in the tank.  My suspicion
> is that there is an intake or exhaust restriction, so I put together a
> gauge with some hose to test my exhaust backpressure as per Scott Mo.'s
> page.
> 	 While I was poking around under the hood last night, I
> found a sensor
> with the wire disconnected.  I looked through the Bentley and found it
> was called the "wastegate heat shield thermoswitch", but it gave no clue
> as to what it is for.  Is this important?  I hooked it up, but didn't
> notice any difference in my one mile commute this morning.
> 			Steve Burke
> 			Morgantown, WV