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'91 200q max wheel width/diameter...

What is the largest size wheel/tire combo that anyone has mounted on a '91
200q?  I know Triston Harlington's putting 18s on his car and is flaring his
fenders accordingly but I'm more concerned with the stock flares on the '91
200q and what width/diameter of tire *they* will accomodate.

Looking realistically at my automotive "needs", I'm thinking that a '91 200q
might be a better choice than my '85 Ur-Q ... No, I'm not thinking about
getting rid of it but possibly letting my girlfriend have my '89 200q
instead of buying another car for her.  With a bit of luck (or wheeling and
dealing), I could perhaps stretch my/our budget far enough to pick up a
high-mileage '91 200q that needs some TLC instead of buying a 4kq for a few
grand, which is what I've been looking for these past few months.  (Not
surprisingly, quattros aren't all that common here in the desert.)

Anyway, since all of my cars end up doing double-duty as autocross/play
cars, I figure I'll have to buy a new set of wheels for it and want to get
some idea what range I'd be looking at ... my guess is a 245/40-17 on an 8"
rim or perhaps a 235/40-17 on a 9" rim will probably work with the right
offset.  I suspect a 10" rim or a 255 width tire will be too much,
regardless of offset ... anyone BTDT?

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