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whatta weekend

Boy, I sure was kept busy by my car this weekend.

I drove all over town looking for a three bolt flange gasket 
for my cat/exhaust pipe in 2".  Everyone thought I was crazy 
or something.  The only gaskets they had in 2" had two bolts.
I ended up getting a sheet of Mr. Gasket stuff for about $10.

I was all set to fix my cat rattle, my control arm creaks, and 
my belt squeal.  Then I ran into a little hitch.  My quattro is 
in a detached garage with a garage door opener.  Where the heck 
is my remote?!  I have no idea!

So, the q is behind locked doors, along with most of my tools.
No working on the Coupe this weekend, or so I think.  Gotta 
wait until the office is open tomorrow to have them open it.
I guess I'll have to pay for a lost remote, at least until I 
find it <fingers crossed>.

I must've killed the battery real good driving around with the 
alternator belt slipping or off last week.  It was dead on Sat., 
and dead again today at home.  Luckily I was able to push start 
it by myself and get to WalMart to get a battery.  Their marine 
batteries said distributed by Johnson Controls, but my battery 
and others said distributed by AC/Delco.  Different maker?

Anyway, I got the battery and then had to get groceries before 
the store closed.  Off to the store, battery dies one more time.

After putting away the groceries and installing the battery, I 
had to get and gas up for next week.  I was really pushing "E" 
by the time I got to the station.

I found my receipt for my dead battery, from Kragen (Checker/Shucks).
It's dated 9/7/95, and it has a 75 month pro-rated warranty.  It 
was $50, so I guess I'll pay the $25 and get a new battery rather 
than using it for a $5 core at WalMart.

The battery I replaced was a <ha> HeatBeater MegaTorque.  The price 
of my new (I forget the name right now) one was $50.

I guess I shouldn't bother returning my new one and using the $25 
new Exide from the warranty?  I could always use it in the 4ksq.

I was somewhat in a panic about getting a battery.  I would have 
gotten an Optima (I think), but Sunday evening's not the time to 
find any good shops open.  Then I remembered about the discussion 
about the Johnson Controls units.

It never occurred to me to go to Checker and use my warranty, until 
I pulled the old battery out and realized I bought it (it didn't 
come with the car).

Busy day.  It's damn hot here in AZ too.  Gotta get the tint very 
soon.  It was real discouraging to hear my after run fan kick on, 
when I already had a damaged battery.  Seems like there should be 
a low voltage shut out or something.

Oh well.  I hope everyone else had a better weekend than me, or 
at least more productive.  Got the laundry and shopping done anyway.