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Burnsville VW

I've been making some calls to Burnsville VW.

Paul, seems to be playing a game, I talked to a new car salesperson
who sold one of my coworkes a Golf, and she said that Paul was in,
then I get the receptionist, who says he is out for the day.

So then I talked to Shelly. He claims that the two Audi dealers here
in the Cities won't deal with them for repairs because they sell used
Audis so cheap. When asked about the vehicle not passing emissions,
he claimed that the car needs to be warm for the cats to be active and
then it will pass emissions, well DUHH!! I told him that I'm well
aware of that and I'm sure that you are too, as well as the place where
you had the emissions tested.

Sounds to me like typical saleman snow job, he's talking like he knows
something and he really doesn't. I indicated to Michelle (a new car
person) that I was a bit irritated about this whole situation and it
jepordize(spelling?) my further business with them.

I personally believe that you are getting a ROYAL runaround from
Shelly and Paul, although Shelly is probably a bit out of the loop on
this as his main job is to sell cars, but you would think it would be in

his best interest to make sure the customer is happy, then he would get
more referrals.

The General Manager of the dealership is Steve Hendricks, unfortunately,

he is presently on vacation (this from the new car saleslady,  I trust
He would be the person to get a hold of. You could also try writing a
very detailed e-mail to the parent company, Rudy Luthers,  you will
find a comments section on their home page at: www.lutherauto.com

>Hey QList, lets spam these guys, maybe that will wake them up!

I'm hoping that I've stirred up some coals around there by talking to
people, too bad Mr. Hendricks is on vacation, I would have enjoyed
to him.

One last word of advice, I know you are probably very pissed off at this
because I sure would be, but try to keep your cool, I know from
experience that
people will listen much more carefully if you don't get abusive, no
matter how
tempting it may be.

Keep me posted.

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