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Re: A4 wheels MAY be 4 sale/need 8' wide

Wow!  8 foot wide wheels! _seventeen_ feet tall!?! Holy high-boys, batman!
ain't no fer be fer gonna mess wit yous!

For replacement wheels you might consider those really strong 17 x 8"
Compomotive wheels Jeff Goggin has, I can't remember the name right now, but
if you go to either of the following home pages you will find photos of them:



These are pretty strong wheels. I wouldn't go with anything less in 17" size.
Bends are a pain, repairs a nuisance. my .02



> It appears my  5 spoke A4 16x7.5 take offs may be available.  Brake
> upgrade is going to require 8' wide wheels for clearance. Leaning
> toward 16' replacement, but 17' not out of the question. I have 5  S4
> wheels for track  or street (but not both) but given how hard it was
> to find one spare (thanks Scottmo) unlikely there is another set of 4
> available.  Suggestions for replacement?  When I get replacements
> A4's are available.
> Regards,
> Jerry