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RE: ur-quattro in a den of subarus

this is mind numbing.

[reality check on]:

scott, i beat 17 vc-equipped cars (including a group "n" wrx) to post
3rd best time in the slalolm.  including the vr4.  damn boris.  damn
turns.  this is laughable, and typical of the myopic stance here.
incase you don't know; drivers rule.  equipment helps.  in the 2nd run,
the vr4 beat everyone by a couple of seconds.  he chose a wide line
(fresh grass) and got a nice drift the whole way around.  a better
driver.  i did not complete a 3rd run.  in the 2nd course, the guys with
the non-street tyres also were much faster.

as to the learning the course, the idea really was to learn the car.  as
i think i stated, the times went away for everyone due to the
deteriorating condition of the course, which was why i was pleased with
by 2nd runs of both courses.

once again (getting boring), no bite, no boris, just some subaru for
lunch.  u-o-u-o-u-o in your dreams scott.

i guess if i just missed boris and posted the times i did, i wonder what
sort of spiders inhabit vc-equipped cars?

[reality check off, back to normal programming]

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
> ------------------------------
> Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 10:05:33 EDT
> From: QSHIPQ@aol.com
> Interesting post Dave. 
> Couple interesting points you brought to light.  First seems to be
that your
> times would indicate you are doing some pretty radical changes to your
> "normal" driving style to get your times down.  A similar experience I
> when trying to compete with a torsen center (insert double entendre).

> Also kinda interesting that VR4 with it's 65r/35f VC got the fastest
> Certainly makes you think about the "beautifully driven" part, given
> claims of that device.  
> Regarding your lifting your hands from the wheel in a turn.  That
might tell
> us more than anything else in this post.   I'm really smiling at the
> of it actually.  
 Scott Justusson