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A3 spotted in US- Why?

Hey gang- thought I'd pass this along and ask a few questions about
Audi's plans in the US. Last week, my folks made a trip to Columbus,
Ohio... When I called to check up on em', my mom said she saw an Audi
that looked different.

I assumed A6, but she said it was smaller. 
'Was it a hatchback?'
'Yea, that's the car.'
Gotta hand it to mom- spotted an A3. The reason she noticed it was
because it had rings and had a similar style (according to ma).

Why would the A3 be in the US? Isn't testing over, even for the Mk4 Golf
chassis? It could have been a mule for TT testing. I know it might be
someone from Europe visiting with the car.
Could Audi be looking to 'steal' back some marketshare from VW by
selling the A3 here?

Just wondering.
Jason Palmer
97 A4 1.8Tq with a blown wastegate or something.